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For Users' Sake is a unique design agency that works with Partner Services - copywriters, photographers, social media specialists and more. Our founder, Kiersten P. Mosley, personally verifies their reputation and ensures they have the experience to work with our clients. When a new project starts, a team leader is responsible for gathering the necessary Partner Services and overseeing the project, but we're all here to help you put your best foot forward.

Why Partnering Matters

Many agencies provide "one-stop shopping", but as they grow they need more staff, resulting in additional wages and increased operational costs such as office rent and utilities. At For Users' Sake, we want to provide great service that's affordable. We are structured similar to a co-op where each Partner Service works within a design team on projects, but remotely from their own business. We do not outsource. We do not send our work overseas. We are not trying to increase our margins. We partner locally and work remotely to reduce our costs so we can provide you the best solutions without the big agency price tag

Our Partners

Each of our Partners has their own successful business. We are grateful to them for sharing their expertise and honoured to include them in our list of Partner Services.

[ Copywriting | DevelopmentDigital Marking | Packaging Design | Photography & Videography | Social Media]


Graham Strong, Copywriter

Graham Strong, Freelance Writer


Graham Strong provides marketing writing, web content/SEO writing, ghostwriting, and other types of copywriting for business and non-profits.

Graham Strong has worked professionally as a marketing writer and freelance journalist since 1995. Graham has clients across North America in many industries including healthcare, medical research, design/build, public relations, software and IT, real estate, retail/commercial, education, and various service industries. He has written in almost every format possible including web content, brochure content, whitepapers, ghostwritten articles, catalogue entries, wayfinding, interpretive signs, billboards, magazine ads, business letters, annual reports, feature articles, national sports coverage, and more. Graham’s articles have appeared in the Canadian Press, the Chronicle-Journal, the Northern Ontario Medical Journal, Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal, Northern Ontario Business, and other publications.


That Guy Your Cousin Knows

That Guy Your Cousin Knows, Web Hosting & Development


Kiersten P. Mosley personally knows the 'guys' behind That Guy Your Cousin Knows and For Users' Sake is very please to have them as a Partner Service for Web Hosting and WordPress Development.

That Guy Your Cousin Knows was created on the basis of filling a need for secure, high-grade hosting and other tech-related requirements for internal projects. As extremely tech-savvy individuals, we were adamant concerning what we would need for our own businesses to be successful in an online landscape. Essentially, we were unable to find the services with the analytics, security and customization we envisioned for our own websites and services, so we created it. We’ve spent an incredible amount of time and effort fine-tuning and improving our ability to maintain and update websites to a point that we felt it just made sense to begin scaling and offering the service to our close allies and business partners [like For Users' Sake]. We work exclusively with WordPress-powered websites, which allows us to manage everything from security, design, performance, analytics seamlessly with endless possibilities for meeting our clients’ variable needs.

Digital Marketing

Leanne Mitton, Digital Marketing Consultant

Leanne Mitton, Digital Marketing Consultant


Leanne Mitton helps businesses connect the dots with their digital marketing strategies to ensure the right traffic is reaching their website.

Leanne has been working professionally in the website development industry since 1997. She works with a variety of service-based clients across Canada helping to develop their website to attract local customers through brand messaging, inbound content marketing, and local search engine optimization strategies.

Leanne enjoys empowering her clients by introducing and training them with the tools that will help their business grow organically online.

Packaging Design

Stephen Cole, Principle Designer, Decadigitus

Stephen Cole, Principle Designer, Decadigitus


Stephen Cole, a long time friend and associate of Kiersten P. Mosley, helps provide product branding and packaging design services to our clients at For Users' Sake.

As a professional designer for over 20 years, Stephen Cole has had the pleasure of working with some of the most recognizable brands in Canada and beyond. He spent 18 years working in studios in Toronto honing his skills and learning the business of design. After working as a Creative Director at Watt, he made the decision to strike out on his own. Since 2015, Stephen has walked his own path developing creative for a wide range of projects. He now has the time to dedicate to his clients, partnering with them to bring their vision to life. His passion for design is boundless and he enjoys new challenges every day. Beyond design, Stephen is also an artist and traveller, who likes nothing better than discovering a new destination and re-creating it on paper or canvas.

Photography & Videography

Megan Elrick, Photgrapher & Filmmaker, Cascades Photo & Video

Megan Elrick, Photographer & Filmmaker, Cascades Photo & Video


Cascades is a photography and video production company providing services for small businesses such as personal branding photography and video production, and aims to reach beyond the traditional business headshot to bring authentic branding photos and videos that resonates with you and your customer base. (She's done all of our shots)

Megan brings over 10 years of experience producing, filming and editing TV and web commercials. After graduating from Capilano University with a diploma in Motion Picture Production, Megan spent 4 years as an Editor for a Vancouver-based video production, Basetwo Media, with clients such as Pacific Blue Cross, Vancouver General Hospital Foundation, and TELUS. After leaving Basetwo Media, she began to freelance as a production manager, filmmaker and photographer for Elevator Strategy advertising agency where she produced, filmed and edited a series of Toyota BC and Elections BC campaign commercials, and had her photographs published in both campaigns. During this time she also started up an award winning wedding photography and videography studio. In 2017 she moved to Thunder Bay to be closer to family and is excited to bring her "big city" experience and talent to business in Northern Ontario.

Social Media

Nadine Kelly, Social Media, Sprringss

Nadine Kelly, Business Consultant, Springss


Nadine Kelly provides organic social media foundations and coaching. Kiersten P. Mosley has even hired her to do the social media for FUS Academy and For Users' Sake!

Springss supports aspiring and established Entrepreneurs through the process of using Social Media to start and scale their business(es). We believe that every business must build a solid foundation on relevant social media platforms, including clear and strategic messaging, refined branding, and an effective and practical Organic Content Strategy. We teach frustrated Entrepreneurs how to become more effective, consult businesses on how to refine their social presence, and we also offer full-service social media foundations packages to get you started properly.

Maddie Penko, Social Media, Penko Social

Maddie Penko, Managing Director, Penko Social


"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” You don't hear the second part of that saying very much, but it's true. Maddie is our go-to Partner Service for Social Media Management and social media paid advertising.

Maddie Penko has been building websites, writing blogs, doing email marketing and social media since she was a teenager, so why not share those skills with people who could benefit? Wanting to do something that could empower people to grow their businesses and change their lives, she started Penko Social—a Canadian digital marketing agency helping product-based B2C businesses expand through digital marketing and e-commerce!

Penko Social helps to market e-commerce products online. They can:

  • Build an email list & create warm leads
  • Create a digital marketing strategy and content plan
  • Coach you on how to execute content creation
  • Take over your digital marketing so you can focus on other things

They'll help maximize your sales while building relationships with your customers for repeat business.

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