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Kiersten P. Mosley has over 25 years experience in graphic design helping hundreds of major brands promote their products and services. Now, as the founder of For Users' Sake, she wants to be Your Experience Design Partner.

For Users’ Sake specializes in a type of human-centred designa creative approach to problem solving that starts with the people you're designing for and ends with new solutions that are purpose-built to suit their needs in order to understand your specific situation and empathize with your customers. We follow the User Experience Design (UX) processis a six-phased process to design a product based on your business requirements, but more importantly, the wants and needs of the product’s users - research, planning, design, building and testing - before a product (website) goes to development. It has been proven that this method has a positive impact on your bottom line.

UX Matters:
$1 spent on User Experience Design (UX) is equal to $2–$300+ in return.
(Source: Forrester)

Kiersten P. Mosley has received over a dozen industry awards and recognition for her designs, from websites to video campaigns to direct mail pieces. She has always tried to imagine her audience's viewpoint when designing. Now with For Users' Sake, she has formally incorporated the User Experience Design (UX) process into all services including branding and graphic design.

Branding is no longer just a logo, but considered part of every customer touchpoint. For Users' Sake has the tools to help you build and launch a successful brand. Even if you already have a brand, we’d love to help evolve it to be more holistic, meaningful and personally relevant to your customers.

It all starts with the research, though. We believe that having good market research helps to minimize the risk when making business decisions. If you have a new idea for a product or you are looking to pivot your existing business, For Users' Sake is here to help. We conduct prototype testing, focus groups, surveys and one-on-one interviews at reasonable rates.

For Users’ Sake is a unique design agency that works with Partner Services - copywriters, photographers, social media specialists and others - to help you put your best foot forward without the big agency price tag. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business looking to refresh your image, increase sales leads, or improve your customer experience, For Users' Sake has the design-driven services you need to reach your business and marketing goals.

Our Mission

To be a sought-out authority in human-centric design that helps start-ups and businesses improve their image, advance their sales leads and provide better online and offline experiences that increase engagement and value for the business, its employees and its customers.

Our Vision

To be one of Canada's leading authorities in human-centric design helping people and businesses globally.

The Success Model

Our Success Model

For Users’ Sake believes successful companies are the result of sound products/services, engaged employees and satisfied customers.

Each specific relationships within this quadfectathis term was adopted by For Users' Sake to verbally describe the relationship between Client, Company, Product/Service and Employee/Vendor - how they have equal importance but must all work together for true success is the focus of a different method of design such as service designfocuses on improving the experience of both the user and employee to better align and optimize the organization's operations to better support the customer and customer experience designfocuses on improving the experience customers have with a company's employees, products and services.. However, they are all based on similar principles and processes. For Users’ Sake has chosen User Experience Design (UX)the art and science of designing with the aim to improve a person's experience while interacting with a product, such as a website, to emphasize the product’s value to that person. and elements of its process to help improve ALL of these relationships in your company.

Success Model - Client


95% of purchasing decisions are made by emotions. (Source: Gerald Zaltman)

Your client (aka user or customer) should be at the centre of everything you do. It is important to nurture that relationship by building trust, conveying reliability, and creating an emotional connection. It’s also important to understand that "everyone" is NOT your customer. For Users' Sake can help you identify your real customers and improve their touchpoints, resulting in increased customer loyalty, improved customer satisfaction and a higher net promoter score.

Success Model - Company


Design-driven companies consistently outperformed by 219% on the S&P Index. (Source: Design Management Institute)

Company success is not like the concept of "Better, Faster, Cheaper" where you can only have two of the three. It’s the balance of what we call the quadfectathis term was adopted by For Users' Sake to describe the relationship between Client, Company, Product/Service and Employee/Vendor, and how they have equal importance but must all work together for true success which starts with a company's acknowledgment of its existence and the investment of time and resources. For Users' Sake is here to help with your design-driven journey to success.

Success Model - Product/Service


70% of projects fail due to a lack of user acceptance. (Source: Forest Research)

It's important to build your products and services to meet you clients' needs so that they don't just want what you are offering, but actually grow to need it. That’s why we rely so heavily on our User Experience Design (UX) processa six-phased process to design a product based on your business requirements, but more importantly, the wants and needs of the product's users - to make sure you have the best products/services for your clients.

Success Model - Employee/Vendor


Companies that outpace their competitors in Customer Experience have 50% more engaged employees. (Source: Forbes)

Many companies speak to the necessity of having a great culture. That is important, however many employees want to be more engaged in the business decisions. They're not just your human resource; they present your company and are a direct line to your customers. They know what your customers are complaining about, praising, and requesting support for. They are the experts on how to use your product and what areas to focus on to make sales. They are a major resource that deserves your attention and that can be leveraged for your company's success


Many of our clients request non-disclosure agreements and we are more than happy to not kiss and tell. Yes, we love sharing our success stories, but we understand keeping parts of a business private. If you require an NDA, please do not hesitate to ask.


For Users' Sake works with Partner Services - copywriters, photographers, social media specialists and others -  to help provide our clients with great service that's affordable. We do not outsource. We do not send our work overseas. We are not trying to increase our margins. We partner locally and work remotely to reduce our costs so we can provide the best solutions without the big agency price tag. If you are interested in becoming one of our Partner Services, please contact us.

Thank you very much, Kiersten! You did a wonderful art job and a very lively and concise presentation of our concepts. I really appreciate your sense of teamwork too! ...You are a very good Art director, Kiersten. I really appreciate working with you!

~ Esther Thomassin, Conceptrice-rédactrice


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